Teaching 101: As Taught By the Movies

Consequence of Sound

“Those who can’t do, teach. And those who can’t teach, teach gym.” –Woody Allen

I always had a bone to pick with that classic, admittedly hilarious, and altogether narrow assessment of education. Yes, Coach Crazy in his knee-high socks may have been a little past his prime, might have stunk of Brut, was maybe even a little fascist, but damn it, he was a teacher. He was trying to make you fix that Mountain Dew-poisoned body of yours in high school! That math teacher that you think totally hated you because he kept giving you B+s, thus screwing with your GPA? Well, he did hate you, and as a result, you had to learn how to play the game fast. Mr. Holland, he was a total wuss, but at least he made you learn about John Lennon, man. If not for Robin Williams, we wouldn’t have been yelled at when…

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