I am over sixty.Where i come from it means you are good as done.But it is not as dark as it may sound or look.All they seem to say is that you have done enough.Now is the time to put your legs up and have the real fun.For your children may, in all probability would have found their vocations-some lucky girl or boy,outgrown you and your wife and as for parents let’s hope if around are fine and healthy.If not already gone …

So in such days when you read about what it takes to be successful and feel inspired or interested, am I being  prudent or plain funny?.Or is that I am not quite getting wind of the early Alzheimer’s setting in? Actually by my cultural and societal standards I should much rather be seeking that enigma called Happiness.And more so when most of my life I have shunned motivational’s or smart talk seminars and workshops about 1 minute or day related successes.So why now?

Dunno ? just thought you would enjoy and perhaps need it more than me.That is if you have not read of it or knew it already. As for me I think apart from anything else I liked the turn and appetising twist of words and thoughts to make the profound sound simple and an otherwise dry “idea” attractive and inviting.  So without any more spoilers get on with it.And yes, do let me know if you felt so or otherwise !

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