🔖One is so fed up with Congress that it’s ghosts still scare even the Ramsay brothers.The Left is so wasted they seem to not exist.What is after that are some regional leaders of substance and ardour and a withering opposition lost in a Mela.But,truth be told,in the national imagination Modi’s ubiquitous image has become an – avoidable must. His fans however,can take heart – for he has still some time.

Modi and Amit Shah had almost tripped Kejriwal with a Congress fishing in troubled waters.Should they have got a mere 5%more of the Delhi votes Kejriwal was a goner.
Be that as it may – the liberal fringe have snorkeled up for some much needed political oxygen after having choked in the deep and dark depths of a Modi-led authoritarian,divisive Hindu national ride.
But as the first flush of the infatuation of a historic victory simmers down we need to draw the red lines quite quickly so as to not suffer a premature cardiac arrest.At best kejriwal brings hope for the David’s of resistance not to lose hope and at worst he has only reminded Modi of what is to be done and is guilty of forgetting.
In this unusual analysis – read on how a righteous democrat analyst begrudges Kejriwal ‘s victory as pyrrhic and gives a lot to Modi’s strategists to feel vindicated.Yes,if anything Indian society, indeed has shifted to the right and we are discussing politics and economic development within that paradigm.

☘zindabad @sunilkbanerjee ⬆

Kejriwal Didn’t Stand Up To Modi – He Side-Stepped Him – NDTV https://www.ndtv.com/opinion/kejriwal-didnt-stand-up-to-modi-he-side-stepped-him-2177811

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