Today is Guru Poornima -a day for respect and gratitude between the “Guru”and his “Shishya”.All of us have over time been in both these shoes.Only the periods may have been different. As for me I would like to be a shishya perhaps for my lived life.Notwithstanding,we do come across all kinds of pupils and instructors or students and teachers. And it is as the author says”across disciplines and geographies”in another sense though. The military perhaps is understood almost as a caricature,most unfortunately – where interactive or shared learnings are concerned.It is a one way street as many would like to believe it to be. Therefore, I was lucky to come across this timely little discourse by a naval aviator,test-pilot,instructor from the helicopter stream talking quite objectively if what this tradition is all about in the military while generously drawing from the famed Carnataki musicologist,thinker,activist TM Krishna on the same subject from the hallowed realms of Indian classical music.Krishna’s article is also hyper linked in the above referenced article. He writes artistically to define the debate and place it centrally on the table by paraphrasing Kalidasa on poetry thus : “Not all poems are good because they are old.All poems are not bad because they are new.Good and wise people examine both and decide whether a poem is good or bad.Only a fool will be blindly following what others say !”

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