The Bengali Blight

A double whammy of sorts has perhaps caught the Bengali on the wrong foot in recent times.The Abhijit - Esther duo being awarded the Nobel in Economics and a much loved Saurav becoming the President of BCCI unopposed. The Bengali is generally an Indian only as an afterthought for he is that unique species undiscovered…

Orwell 1984 – revisited in 2019

BOOK REVIEW Doublethink Is Stronger Than Orwell Imagined What 1984 means today GEORGE PACKER JULY 2019 ISSUE The Ministry of Truth: The Biography of George Orwell's 1984 BY DORIAN LYNSKEY DOUBLEDAY OLIVER MUNDAY No novel of the past century has had more influence than George Orwell’s 1984. The title, the adjectival form of the author’s…

The Babu : never good enough !

From someone who has been there and seen it mostly.A good read that is both honest and sympathetic.yet critical. I would have, however, firstly liked to hear on the popular failing of the love for power and lack of scruples of quite a few - especially those looking to make easy money in the past…

The seduction of the working class in India and beyond

The Left is trying to introspect on its ideological failures.Even of its practice since the post war...

In ‘Stalingrad,’ Jochen Hellbeck uses forgotten interviews to take us inside the battle that turned the tide of World War II

The Great Patriotic War needs to be read by all:military strategists,historians,lovers of heroism and valour and importantly by the milennials who seem to obsess with science and fake objectivity.It is not important whether you are left, right or somewhere in the moderate middle.To understand truth we must know what,where and how to find! Much respects for those that lay their lives for the freedoms that we live to enjoy.Never Forgotten!

Weapons and Warfare

By Alan Cate

By Jochen Hellbeck

PublicAffairs, 512 pp., $29.99

Yorktown and Gettysburg rank highest among American martial epics of valor and victory. Most Brits would probably choose the World War II aerial Battle of Britain as their “finest hour.” To the French, Verdun – with its defiant cry, “they shall not pass” – represents a national Calvary of agony and endurance in World War I.

For the Russian people, even more deeply engraved on the national psyche, it’s Stalingrad, “the most ferocious and lethal battle in human history.” This titanic five-month encounter, with roughly a million casualties – dead, wounded, captured or missing – on each side, culminated in a shattering defeat of the Nazi invaders by the Soviets.

Military historians universally recognize it as the turning point of the Second World War, or, as it’s known in Russia, the Great Patriotic War.

In “Stalingrad: The City That…

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Perfect Crimes

The author, a practicing lawyer for over three decades puts all his experience on the line to piece together the shady world of dispensing justice in his expose"Great Judicial Tamasha".Careful about not taking names, he narrates events and instances in great detail which the professionals can identify, the laity can get scandalized about and the…

Ms Romila Thapar,Why do dreams Die?

And now during their watch, the already fragile fort of defiance has crumbled.As someone said even before the sound of “boo” was even heard.