To Commentate : the truth,the whole truth and nothing but the truth

It may not be far fetched to assume based on an array of otherwise unrelated events and actions in the domestic cricketing world, that in the so-called, recent cleaning up of the BCCI on the basis of the Lodha Committee recommendations, its aftermath and coronation of Saurav Ganguly as its President with the return of the usual suspects - it has become business as usual, in a more favourable and congenial environ.In its re-investiture, to enforce the law of Omerta,on commentators while on or off the TV, was but a necessary and inevitable correction of important detail, in its inexorable journey to ensure an unhindered business.

Ganguly – the Road to Perdition or Coming of Age?

So will Saurav set all of this aside as idle banter and instead choose to be the quintessential Mumbaikar, professionally and commercially savvy - airy-fairy principles making way for prudence and realism?

The Bengali Blight

A double whammy of sorts has perhaps caught the Bengali on the wrong foot in recent times.The Abhijit - Esther duo being awarded the Nobel in Economics and a much loved Saurav becoming the President of BCCI unopposed. The Bengali is generally an Indian only as an afterthought for he is that unique species undiscovered…

Akashganga: They also Serve, who Just Stand and Wait – XV

Behind the risk of life and limb stood the woman by his man. Running from sick quarters to banks and schools, buying groceries riding cycles or by walk, receiving and seeing off loved relatives all by themselves, while her loved man was away is a quality taken for granted and an unwritten part of the wife’s job description.…

Akashganga: Daffodils in the Sky and Butterflies in the Belly – XIV

Akashganga never had it so good. Enthused and awed by the sense of spectacle, for the first time in the history of the Air Force, a full load of 37 skydivers in spanking new and fancy dungarees jumped to join an assembled parade contingent on ground consisting of nine Squadrons of three flights each of about a thousand…

Akashganga: The D-Day and Lift-off – XI

With the arrival of Akashganga was sports parachuting going to be broad-based? Was it poised to move away from PTS the alma mater of military parachuting in India? Would there be a shift in the locus of power to this new creation? Had the handful of passionate professionals at PTS learnt enough from the beginnings attempted by the Skydiving Federation of India, under the auspices of the Indian Army and its early demise? The farsighted polemicist, Vidur could sense that the Dhartiputras of Agra Desha were in for the long haul and periods of intense competition, struggle for control and gamesmanship with the Adventure Foundation.

Akashganga: A new Star in the Galaxy – X

Gomes worked silently to convert into reality the ambitions and aspirations of the illustrious predecessors – to make an Air force Skydiving Display Team. The Source: Akashganga: A new Star in the Galaxy – X

Akashganga: The Unsung Backroom Jumping Jacks – IX

Into the melting pot of trial and tribulations at ADR&DE the baby-faced but stylish, dexterous and skillful Ajoo, our very own whiz kid brought his medicine Source: Akashganga: The Unsung Backroom Jumping Jacks – IX

Akashganga: From Rounds to Squares, a Mann-Date! – VIII

The time had come for flying suare, ram-air driven canopies.Mann led the surge.For more continue...

Akashganga: Of Devas and the Dhartiputras – VII

From Scorchers to Scorpions and to Silver Streaks, it was a long journey for the Indian Air Force (IAF) aerobatic team. In 1981, it was mooted that for the Source: Akashganga: Of Devas and the Dhartiputras – VII