To Commentate : the truth,the whole truth and nothing but the truth

It may not be far fetched to assume based on an array of otherwise unrelated events and actions in the domestic cricketing world, that in the so-called, recent cleaning up of the BCCI on the basis of the Lodha Committee recommendations, its aftermath and coronation of Saurav Ganguly as its President with the return of the usual suspects - it has become business as usual, in a more favourable and congenial environ.In its re-investiture, to enforce the law of Omerta,on commentators while on or off the TV, was but a necessary and inevitable correction of important detail, in its inexorable journey to ensure an unhindered business.

Ganguly – the Road to Perdition or Coming of Age?

So will Saurav set all of this aside as idle banter and instead choose to be the quintessential Mumbaikar, professionally and commercially savvy - airy-fairy principles making way for prudence and realism?