Baba – as I see him

You were of medium build, masculine in the Ashok Kumarish way.Copper-coloured, broad-forehead,big eyes sometimes amped further with those black framed powered spectacles,peppered shock of back-brushed hair,a prominent nose atop a firm jaw,dark and coarsened lips after years of Charminar,a strong hairy chest on broad shoulders_- all of it, standing on two sure legs.

Masterji: As I remember

oday, you leave me and many else wondering why do we remember now. Why do ideators,polygots,musicians, filmmakers, painters, and authors, artists philosophers while on their path-breaking and innovative drives during their lifetime seldom get recognised or discovered? Why do we not see the many flavours of life and its struggles that different people, cultural diversity, languages, and places bring? Why does it take time to see the seeds being sown for the many flowers to be born from the energy, courage, vision, sweat and toil of an unsung but tireless gardener?

a Mother to many !

This is a rambling account of a woman who was much ahead of her times.She still is.For more read on... Today is her birthday while in the nineties.

Khoob Bhalo Theko Bandhu ! খুব ভালো থেকো বন্ধু

A Grateful Remembrance of sixty years of companionship.