Literature in Castro’s Cuba

When progressive ideas are in retreat and the neo-liberals are in triumphant march Fidel shall mostly be talked, written and remembered as a pig headed dictator.This article would go a long way to correct that mistaken thought.Contrarily,Fidel would appear to be remarkably prescient,honest, humble yet firm.In this excerpt from a rare 1965 interview, Fidel Castro elaborates on his philosophy of the arts.

Source: Literature in Castro’s Cuba

The Indian Military: In Captivity ?

A recent article written by a respectable author got me thinking.In response, this is what I have to say… Read more

The Hindu right is quietly funding—and lobbying—American universities (Rohit Chopra)

Source: The Hindu right is quietly funding—and lobbying—American universities (Rohit Chopra)

This piece of writing is both prescient and timely.The beginnings of a dangerous portent is empirically examined and very logically prognosticated for the future.In the instant case the helming of IIT’s by corporate honchos or owners is another example of using the public-private-academia interface quite brazenly to enter sanctum- sanctorums, hitherto, difficult or well nigh ,impossible.Yes,gainful employment ,relevant contemporarisation of so called impractical or much worse archaic syllabuses is the ostensible reason among other things.But, are we in this also witnessing the quiet and stealthy entry of the money bags to control the nascent brains at the cradle itself? To what purpose may also be a moot question.Read through and be alert.For, to be alarmed at a later date would be a little naive !