The Killing of the flood-plains of the Yamuna

Once again icons and celebrities with their socio-cultural messages have muddied the “flood-plains’ of the Yamuna passing through the lacerated heart of Delhi.Questions abound.Did not the government, media and alert activists not know of this mega-event? Do we not hold such events on river beds since a long time, especially the Kumbh Mela? Is our religiosity which is private and sacred being hijacked by saints and eco- gurus dwelling on our weaknesses and vulnerabilities as oppressed masses? Or is it that our ignorances and confused intellects in search of newer facts onwards to truth-finding losing its way on the sands of dead habit ? Power and pelf rage and rule .Once again the arbiters of justice stand and watch the steady abuse and willful destruction of mute nature and ecology.among so many other things !

What do you think? Which side are you on? Wear your thinking caps .Better still, be on the streets and sweat it out.For the truths need to be searched and identified.,understood, and fought for. There is a silent war and unseen.Not unlike the cold war : of powerful people, parties with new weapons closer home and across the world. The game of take overs, acquisitions,appropriation all within the letter of law.Very democratically !

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