Akashganga: An Idea Whose Time had come! – VI

Even before PTS had started, Shamsher with his imaginative and resourceful handling made organised performances or demonstrations in skydiving in some areas of Source: Akashganga: An Idea Whose Time had come! – VI

Akashganga: Do You Have it in You? – IV

Freefall had moved on from the ungainly and rather rigid spread-eagle position to “stable frog position” and onto body-acrobatics in the air. Source: Akashganga: Do You Have it in You? – IV

Akashganga: The Legend of the Fall-III

Having graduated and donned the Para Jump Instructors (PJI) brevets, they were trusted with the lives of all those brave paratroopers with maroon berets mostly Source: Akashganga: The Legend of the Fall-III

Akashganga:Cosmogony and Mythology of the Indian Air Force Skydiving Team(1)

A tale never told before.The saga of the birtth of Akashganga,Indian AirForce Skydiving Team.

The Indian Military: In Captivity ?

A recent article written by a respectable author got me thinking.In response, this is what I have to say...http://www.dailyo.in/politics/indian-army-indian-air-force-royal-air-force-pakistan-indian-military/story/1/12074.html As one takes time to assimilate the several issues that the writer swipes at with flourish and abandon I am overcome simultaneously with sincere anger and grudged admiration at the hurtful truths seeing the light of public…

Kashmir :A Cold Retreat for the Military ?

The Military has been in the crosshairs of this sordid saga called Kashmir. A defense, if there can be one !

Military Nationalism : A Whip for the Bloggers

JNU has been in the forefront of articulating themes of protest against most anti-people policies in its own and well considered perceptions. It is also true that some of the most talked about and oft quoted visiting professors, teachers and students have been associated with this institution namely Sarvepalli Gopal, Romila Thapar,Sitaram Yechury,Prakash Karat the Pattnaik…

OROP :A call to Politics !

Whether we like it or not the die has been cast.The Armed Forces forever shall no more be the same again, at least even in public perceptions.In a manner of speaking, not politically correct, anymore. Importantly, we have to realise that politics is not a dirty word. To be committed to an ideology or party…