Ms Romila Thapar,Why do dreams Die?

And now during their watch, the already fragile fort of defiance has crumbled.As someone said even before the sound of “boo” was even heard.

Kashmir :A Cold Retreat for the Military ?

The Military has been in the crosshairs of this sordid saga called Kashmir. A defense, if there can be one !

The Emperor’s new Clothes ?

General Bhupinder Singh's coming out of the closet is indeed timely. The country would like to hear how the military and its brass,thinks, in particular , about nationalism, dissent, disruptive politics and of course patriotism which is not of the "sarkari" kind. What is to be termed as defiance or much worse sedition? The General has…

Military Nationalism : A Whip for the Bloggers

JNU has been in the forefront of articulating themes of protest against most anti-people policies in its own and well considered perceptions. It is also true that some of the most talked about and oft quoted visiting professors, teachers and students have been associated with this institution namely Sarvepalli Gopal, Romila Thapar,Sitaram Yechury,Prakash Karat the Pattnaik…