The Grotto

In the mysterious grotto of your person, layered,slit and sculpted deep, shrub-scattered is the flower in bloom down below. Ancient and pagan, The silent lamp of love throbs and ebbs,flickers and flashes – Ceaselessly awake. Burning away, Beckoning me. While I stand by unbeknownst Seeking entry into the garden-gate of ecstacy, frenzied. A whirlwind of…

To Commentate : the truth,the whole truth and nothing but the truth

It may not be far fetched to assume based on an array of otherwise unrelated events and actions in the domestic cricketing world, that in the so-called, recent cleaning up of the BCCI on the basis of the Lodha Committee recommendations, its aftermath and coronation of Saurav Ganguly as its President with the return of the usual suspects - it has become business as usual, in a more favourable and congenial environ.In its re-investiture, to enforce the law of Omerta,on commentators while on or off the TV, was but a necessary and inevitable correction of important detail, in its inexorable journey to ensure an unhindered business.

China in circa 2020

Aware of its large productive population and keeping its political flexibility in tact, China transacted with business-like effectiveness with America, devoid of dogma and ideology, to train and enrich itself while indulging the Americans to invest in China.

Doctor in Times of the Carona Virus

But, if you find time to watch Red Beard, I shall be comforted with the the thought that great movies take to great action.

More than Half the Sky

Bharat Bala as promised travels the length and breadth of India seeking the frequently missed sights, smells and sounds. This time in the sylvan settings of a village in Maharashtra he discovers the “Aajibainchi Shaala”-School for Grandmother’s to celebrate a pioneer woman who definitely is quite the torchbearer of the Second Sex-and unarguably, holds more than half the sky.

Ganguly – the Road to Perdition or Coming of Age?

So will Saurav set all of this aside as idle banter and instead choose to be the quintessential Mumbaikar, professionally and commercially savvy - airy-fairy principles making way for prudence and realism?

Baba – as I see him

You were of medium build, masculine in the Ashok Kumarish way.Copper-coloured, broad-forehead,big eyes sometimes amped further with those black framed powered spectacles,peppered shock of back-brushed hair,a prominent nose atop a firm jaw,dark and coarsened lips after years of Charminar,a strong hairy chest on broad shoulders_- all of it, standing on two sure legs.

while I was sleeping

“Comrade,What’s up?Stay safe,” my good friend Doc buzzed  flying out of Delhi .Friends and family kept calling equally concerned.I had no clue of these missives.

Kejriwal- tactics or collaboration?

🔖One is so fed up with Congress that it's ghosts still scare even the Ramsay brothers.The Left is so wasted they seem to not exist.What is after that are some regional leaders of substance and ardour and a withering opposition lost in a Mela.But,truth be told,in the national imagination Modi's ubiquitous image has become an…

Are you a Communist ?

After three scores and a quarter of our lives spent- We, the Six watch movies and sports most of the time, if not,screaming at each other on our politics and compromises so far.It is now, more than ever, I get to know, for sure,  on the questions of what is a nation,Freedom,state of the woman in India, Is the Muslim an equal partner,who and  what is a Hindu,patriotism,development, equality, caste, religion and ways to go about it we think and feel so differently while we still sit and sup together.