Laloo Ustad – Your life and loves

Laloo to his kindred and Sukumar to others celebrates his sixty-eighth birthday on the 20th day of September.Reminiscing his life and loves .

Goalden Times | An Alternative Football Media Some great articles as the title indicates.

The Veer Naari

Most agree that post-colonial militaries inevitably need to change and will change much against your own will and wishes.We are not a "native army" is a little trite to be fair.

हे राम!

This is a repost of three years ago of how I remember Gandhi.It was many moons ago that the nation used to come to a complete halt at Eleven 'o 'clock.A minute of silence was how its people remembered -the Mahatma- a honorific the Gurudev had so respectfully adorned him with.It was at this fateful…

from Lahore to Cuttack – The Case of the Wooden Trunk

The story of an heirloom that travelled from Lahore in undivided India to Cuttack,in the State of the then,Orissa as a gift of matrimony through several generations.

Kalpana Dutta and Pritilata Wadedar- Heroines of Chittagong.

Chittagong now in Bangladesh, was one of the most important cities strategically for the British during their rule. It was one of the first towns in Bengal, that was ceded to the British in 1760, as a buffer against the Burmese.  Located on the banks of the Karnaphuli river, the city was host to many British…

Silky Slippery Road 2: India-China Cultural Clash!

Source: Silky Slippery Road 2: India-China Cultural Clash!

Sangeet Sarita: A time to listen

Classical Indian music, (shastriya sangeet),sufi music, gazals,tappa, khayal, folk and other genres have at different times of our growing up, attracted our attention.Some responded with fervour but most with indifference,especially when young.