Sangeet Sarita: A time to listen

Classical Indian music, (shastriya sangeet),sufi music, gazals,tappa, khayal, folk and other genres have at different times of our growing up, attracted our attention.Some responded with fervour but most with indifference,especially when young.

I am not a Marxist – Marx

I am trying to connect with my life and what I understand of Socialism - its theory and practice,of science and humanities,of history and reality - truth from fiction. And what better than the great Einstein reflecting on these and more fundamental issues of "Why Socialism"- in May 1949.

गुरु शिष्य परंपरा ।

what is the abuse of Guru-Shishya Parampara?

Do You Want to Join the Defence Services : Part 1 : 12 Unique Military Attributes

Vikram Karve

Do You Want to Join the Defence Services…? 


1. The generic term “MILITARY” includes all the three Armed Forces – Army, Navy and Air Force
2. The generic word “Fauj” refers to all arms of the Military (Army, Navy, Air Force) and the term “Fauji” or “Soldier” refers to all military personnel in uniform of the Army, Navy and Air Force (Soldiers, Sailors and Airmen)]


Story of a Boy who wanted to “Appear to be a Naval Officer”
A Spoof



There is a difference betweenbeing a“faujiand toappear to be a“fauji.

I am sure the same holds true for civilian professions as well.

Here is the story of one such officer who wanted to “appear to be a Naval Officer” – rather than – “be a true Naval Officer”.



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Walk, Don’t Run I have never tired out of this story ever.Having heard Ventures and the iconic "walk,don't run" and known it to be quite the grapes to thirsty lips,yet each time I listen to it it is like getting wet in the first rains Shivering,yes.But,not out of the chill but the frisson of excitement and pure…

May,the Second 2021 : Ray,Mamata and I

Having born in the year 1955 my life's journey had well and truly started -part serendipitous,part self-made.This was the year Pather Panchali was made when Ray had introduced Bengal and the Bengali to India and the world .

The Grotto

In the mysterious grotto of your person, layered,slit and sculpted deep, shrub-scattered is the flower in bloom down below. Ancient and pagan, The silent lamp of love throbs and ebbs,flickers and flashes – Ceaselessly awake. Burning away, Beckoning me. While I stand by unbeknownst Seeking entry into the garden-gate of ecstacy, frenzied. A whirlwind of…

To Commentate : the truth,the whole truth and nothing but the truth

It may not be far fetched to assume based on an array of otherwise unrelated events and actions in the domestic cricketing world, that in the so-called, recent cleaning up of the BCCI on the basis of the Lodha Committee recommendations, its aftermath and coronation of Saurav Ganguly as its President with the return of the usual suspects - it has become business as usual, in a more favourable and congenial environ.In its re-investiture, to enforce the law of Omerta,on commentators while on or off the TV, was but a necessary and inevitable correction of important detail, in its inexorable journey to ensure an unhindered business.

China in circa 2020

Aware of its large productive population and keeping its political flexibility in tact, China transacted with business-like effectiveness with America, devoid of dogma and ideology, to train and enrich itself while indulging the Americans to invest in China.