Akashganga: PTS, the Home of Courage, Skill and Strength -II

continuing the saga of the birth of Akashganga,The Indian Air Force Skydiving Team

Travels with Tokon :Udta Punjab

Harmandir Sahib is the Mecca of the Sikhs.The temple houses a rich heritage and history which fascinates people always.This story tries to capture its bruised soul of hope and peace !

The Indian Military: In Captivity ?

A recent article written by a respectable author got me thinking.In response, this is what I have to say...http://www.dailyo.in/politics/indian-army-indian-air-force-royal-air-force-pakistan-indian-military/story/1/12074.html As one takes time to assimilate the several issues that the writer swipes at with flourish and abandon I am overcome simultaneously with sincere anger and grudged admiration at the hurtful truths seeing the light of public…

Kashmir :A Cold Retreat for the Military ?

The Military has been in the crosshairs of this sordid saga called Kashmir. A defense, if there can be one !

Fauji Bank :A Rupee too Far !

Is there a case for the defence forces to start their own Bank? In a sad news today, the Syndicate Bank, which serves over sixty thousand defence pensioners, has declared a quarterly loss of 882 Crores. Their Chairman & managing director had earlier been arrested in a bribery scandal. Total loss declared by the Syndicate…